Dating Someone with Herpes - You Can Still Have a Love Life

Dating someone with herpes in the past was not a good decision, but today everything is possible because of the latest improvement of technology. When your partner is courageous enough to tell you he or she has genital herpes or you have learn that he or she has the signs of genital herpes don’t stress yourself because herpes is curable. There are many relationships going smoothly and one of the partners is a herpes victim. In case you are in dilemma of dating someone with herpes , the following advice will be best for you.

herpes dating tips

Be Tested:

You and your partner should have herpes test. This will assist you to know the way forward. If you have already contracted with the disease, seek medication as soon as possible. In good luck you might not be having this problem then you stay away from by playing save sex. When partners get tested and know their status they live and enjoy sex without worry or fear.

Support and Encouragement:

As lovers and live partners you should support and encourage one another in live. During hard times and happy hours. Don’t abuse one another in case of this curable disease. Talk to your partner humbly and hug him or her as usual. Refrain from complaints and blame games but get solution to the problem, doing this will make your dating life enjoyable and a unique one without hiccups.

Learn more about herpes:

Some of the people have wrong information about genital herpes, for example, they say it has no cure. When you tell someone who has this notion you have herpes he or she might get disappointed. As partners educate one another. Let each one know the truth about the disease. Dating an individual with herpes is like dating someone with any of the curable diseases. You should not take genital herpes as an obstacle in your dating live.

Decision Making:

Here you weigh your love and the diseases then you make decision whether to stay in the relationship or quit your lover. Definitely your love is more powerful than the herpes, if you truly love your partner. A little skin condition should not over weigh your love. They say love conquers all. In as much as it’s hectic to live with the disease in question it will not take long when you take the medicines.

Medication :

Assist your partner always to take suppressive medicine before sexual intercourse. The medicine reduces transmission of the herpes. Support your partner physically, financially and emotionally so you enjoy your relationship despite the challenge. These are the main factors that has enabled many families and those who are still dating to living with herpes peacefully and enjoy their conjugal rights without fear.

herpes dating tips
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