Effective ways to get help after being infected with herpes

Herpes is one among the most common sexually transmitted diseases that any person that is sexually active can contract. Herpes is caused by two kinds of viruses namely: Herpes simplex type 1 Herpes simplex type 2. The disease is mostly common in the united states. Statistics show that 1 out of every 6 people between the age of 14 and 49, have herpes Transmission. Herpes is spread through sex. Fluids in the herpes sore have the virus that causes the infection. Once diagnosed with herpes you should remain calm. Herpes is incurable so learn to live with it. Herpes is not going to kill you or cause major health issues in your life.!

herpes dating tips

Manage herpes in the following ways:

Tell your partner you have it. Be honest and have facts at hand to help your partner understand. The use of condoms will reduce the risk of transmission Take medications. You will be obliged to take drugs. Understand that drugs are just a part of our life. With time, this will become a normal part of your life. You may not have to take the drugs every other day but only when you a have a flare. Symptoms scale down after a while although your first outbreak may be your worst.

Prevent transmission :

Avoid touching any sores you may have due to herpes. If you do, wash your hands thoroughly. Avoid sex when you have sores. Good diet. To help prevent herpes recurrences, ensure you have a good diet, sleep well and manage your stress effectively. Avoid getting sunburned if you have oral herpes.

Dating with herpes:

Do not shy away from dating. Decide on the right time to tell your date about your condition. Make sure it is before you have sex with them and not just before you have sex or after you have had sex. Do not shy away from finding a date. Eventually, you will find someone who understands and wants to be with you regardless of your condition.

Herpes and pregnancy:

Pregnant women should be careful but not get frustrated over the condition. A mother may infect the child with herpes during birth but if a woman was living with herpes before her pregnancy or if she got infected early in her pregnancy, chances of the child getting infected are quite low. Your doctor will examine you and advise you accordingly. Chances of child transmission are high if the mother gets infected late in her pregnancy because the mother's body at the time has not developed any antibodies to fight the virus. lf you are pregnant and are afraid you may infect your child, talk to your doctor about it. Women who are under anti-rival drugs due to herpes should consult with their doctor on whether to continue medication during their pregnancy. HIV risk and herpes. People with std's have a twice risk of contracting HIV. If you are suffering from HIV test for herpes and if you have it discuss your options with your doctor.

herpes dating tips
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