Herpes Facts 10 Things You Should Know about Herpes

Herpes is the name of a virus which is also known as HSV (herpes simplex virus) WHO (World Health Organization) released a survey report that says almost 66-70%( 4 billion people approx) of people have HSV-1. It is a virus which generally refers to oral infections including with genital infections. The report which is published by WHO says majority people infected with HSV-1 is belong to 15-50 year old people which is transmitted via contact of oral to genital.

The CDC (Center for Disease Control) also released a report and according to this report 1 out of 6 people have this virus. There are also some herpes dating sites exist on Internet. These sites are all about Hsv Singles. These sites are a little different from other dating sites. Herpes dating Sites, Hsv Singles are enjoying that kind of sites these helps them to live a normal life.

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There are 10 facts about herpes and we should know about them:

1. HSV is a virus which has two different types HSV-1 and HSV-2. Both the virus is different but has similarity between them. Dr. Christian Johnson says these viruses are transmitted via close or skin contact.

2. People believe outbreaks are the reason behind symptoms while a typical reason is also a reason. You can also find about that on Google random search. A typical symptom included things like achy muscles, tingling, and nerve pain.

3. CDC is not recommended routine herpes screening because of no evidence (says U.S preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF)).For HSV antibody cure symptoms and reduces transmission.

4. If you are infected for a long time from HSV then you can get a fewer outbreaks. According to Cullins,"sometimes outbreaks are too bad but this is not because of frequent symptom. But everyone has different immune system that reacts differently. Some people never get outbreaks and others may get many outbreaks.

5. During the time of pregnancy the outbreaks might be more frequent and it is proven. A study says In the united states 30% of women have HSV. In the period of pregnancy women are immune compromised because that their body does not fight much as a invader. And a person with a weak immune system has more chances to have HSV.

6. Herpes is a serious and dangerous if a baby get that from its mother. But a delivery will be safe if you don't have outbreaks for a long time an infected baby with HSV would get problems of eye and skin infection and also of brain development.

7. Study say HSV-2 is more dangerous than HSV-1. And majority of people are HSV-1 infected.

8. Positive Singles can have sex without transmitting that virus and it is possible. Cullins says female condoms are the one of the prevention to reduce risk of transmission. You can provide most protection.

9. Transmission of HSV is not only because sex but also with contact. Many people are infected with HSV and they never had sex with anyone. That transmission can be happen via mouth.

10. HSV infected women have more boosted self-esteem. It is very shaking than other have and it is an opportunity to see inward and real.

herpes dating tips
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