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Best Herpes Dating Site Editors Review 2023 | Meet People With Herpes

MPWH.com stands for "Meet People With Herpes". It's the oldest online herpes dating site strictly for those suffering from herpes. It's 100% free herpes where you can chat and share messages freely without fear. In addition, it gives features that its members are allowed to join any other online network. So that they can select a dating website of their choice or which suits them best according to their interests.

More importantly, the search function is great, and has specific search words that make it easier for the user to find someone they would be interested in Standard members can search queries such as gender, region, age, and distance, while gold members get more search words, such as religion, body type, ethnicity, and even astrological sign.

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One of the only problems in terms of the usability of the site, although trivial, is a problem with the FAQ, where some questions that are frequently asked are not answered for a "free" user. Regardless, Mpwh.com is easy to use for anyone. Cost Mpwh is free for those who have a standard membership, although standard accounts do not have as many options as a gold account.

Paid Membership

A gold account's cost varies depending on how many months you pay for. They payment options are separated into three choices: one month costs $29, or $1 per day; 3 months costs $59.5, and, 6 months costs $95.5, or $15.95 per month. The more the user wants the gold membership for, the less it costs over time Although it seems expensive at first glance, the features and benefits the user gets out of the websites makes it worth the value one gets out of it Benefits and Features A standard account from MPWH gets the user all the basic features of the website.

Mpwh.com lays it out like this the user can make a profile, send "winks" to other users, is able to respond to messages from gold members, can post comments on other users profiles, post up to 10 three megabyte photos, and browse other users profiles. Gold members have much more benefits, such as upping the photo limit to 27, online chatting, advanced searches, seeing who has "viewed you" or has "shown interest in you," with many other benefits that standard users are missing out on MPWH is keen on making sure the gold members get their money's worth.


MPWH is one of the best herpes dating sites out there. Mpwh.com had it on their number 1 spot for a reason. It is easy to use, the user gets a good value out of a gold membership, it is free if one does not want to pay, and it has many features that gives the user many options to potentially meet people and get involved in the community. Want to meet wealthy and attractive single people? Look no further than to MPWH. .

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