The sexually transmitted disease and other related disorders

STD (Sexually transmitted disease) is most common infection disease. There are more than 20 different STDs are identified and more than 19 million people are being infected every year in United States. Here are some common and well known STDs.Chlamydia,Gonorrhea, Genital Herpes, HIV/AIDS, Human Papillomavirus, Syphilis, Bacterial Vaginosis, Trichomoniasis and Viral Hepatitis.

Depending upon the disease, it can spread through different types of sexual activities. An infection can also occur due to contact with blood during sexual activity. A person who uses unsterilized needles also increases chances of spreading STDs to others.

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STDs have become very common in past years. Mostly because people are becoming sexually active at younger age and have multiple partners.

Also they are not using preventive measures which minimize risk of STD transmission. STDs can be passed to another person even when carrier person does not show any symptoms.

Keep in mind that you need to be sexually responsible. Sexually transmitted diseases such as herpes, hepatitis, and HIV are transferable through sexual intercourse especially blood to blood contact. Open communication with your STD partner provides solutions to these concerns. Open and frank communication assists in making the decision when to have or refrain from sex depending on the stage of the outbreak.

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Women suffer more in terms of long term consequences caused due to STD than men. Some STDs can cause pelvic infection in women which leads to Tubo-ovarian abscess. It can be fatal for women. Many STDs can be passed from mother to her child even before it is born. It shows how easily and dangerously STD gets spread.

Common STDs have varieties of symptoms and sometimes these symptoms do not develop until it's too late.


The symptoms are not developed in 80% women and 50% men. But these are the few symptoms observed in some cases.
1. Discharge from Vagina or penis.
2. Burning sensation and pain during urination.
3. Ectopic pregnancy and infertility for women.
4. Transmitted through vaginal, anal and oral sexual contact.


Over 505 women do not show symptoms.
1. Discharge from vagina or penis.
2. Painful urination.
3. Pelvic inflammatory disease.
4. Infertility for women.


Symptoms of Syphilis are mild and easily go undetected.
1. Painless ulcers in Vagina which heals on its own.
2. Fever, headache, pain in joints, rash.

Genital Herpes

1. Occurrence of blisters like sores on genital.
2. Can be transmitted from mother to baby during birth.

Viral Hepatitis

Hepatitis B and D are mostly transferred through sexual contact and Hepatitis A, C, E are less frequently transferred through sexual activity. Hepatitis B can cause initial and chronic form of liver inflammation.
1. Initial or acute infection can cause yellow skin and eyes, fever, achy joints, flu like symptoms .
2. Severe complication may cause liver failure and cirrhosis.

Online Std Dating Sites

What does the site offer? Generally the site does provide one place where all who have STD can openly get together and chat on issues they are facing while at the same time even date without the fear of being ridiculed for what they have. The site does provide a list of the STD's which one may have and can be allowed to be a member, these include; hepatitis, AIDS, gonorrhea, cancroids, syphilis, HIV, CMV,HPV and HSV. The rest of the STD's do get categorized in another groups which is Herpes. Is the STD site helpful to singles? Yes it is, this has been proven through numerous members who have are now a couple and they got to meet through this website.

Positive singles is where by singles who have some sexually transmitted diseases meet to connect with each other with the same infection. This site does not exclude anyone and they try their best to make sure people are participants. Over million people do use this site, if you ever find problem in relating or finding love with a single that has the same sexually transmitted disease, POSITIVE SINGLE should be your first point of contact. STD is an abbreviation of SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASE, and some examples of STDs includes; HIV/AIDS, Genital Herpes, Gonorrhea and others. Using the STD dating site, it encourages people that no matter the diseases they have they can still find love through this sight. A lot of people dating in this site may end up marrying themselves.

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